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I've been an avid reader since grade school. While my tastes have changed over the years, my love of books never will.

What is the Nook Glowlight Plus? (Releases Memorial Day)

If you’re new to the world of digital reading devices, you might not have heard of the Nook e-reader let alone the Glowlight Plus. So what is the Nook Glowlight Plus? This e-reader is the newest Nook device to be released from Barnes and Noble and it will be hitting a BN store near you […]


What’s the Best Gift for Mother’s Day? An E-reader, Of Course!

It’s May, bibliophiles! You have probably been wracking your brain trying to figure out what’s the best gift for Mother’s Day for the mothers in your life. You’re probably also trying not to break the bank while you do it. Stressing because it’s just around the corner? Don’t worry! I’ve found some awesome Mother’s Day […]

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New Way to Manage My Kindle Books!

I am in-freaking-love with the new software update on the Kindle e-readers. I now have a new way to manage my Kindle books! In case you haven’t connected to WiFi with your Kindle lately, or haven’t had time to read, go take a look. You’ll notice something a little different. Take your time. I’ll wait. […]

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What is Kindle Unlimited and How Much Does It Cost?

If you have been reading ebooks for a while now, you might have heard about something called Kindle Unlimited. You may be wondering what is Kindle Unlimited and how much does it cost? Is it a good choice for me? Is it worth it? Let’s explore the Kindle Unlimited program, shall we? What is Kindle […]

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Birthday and Books!

It’s my birthday! Woot woot! I don’t dare mention how old I am, but I thought I would celebrate my birthday with books! A birthday and books, what more could a girl ask for? Maybe some cheap books! Or a few fun deals running on Amazon for us bibliophiles. E-book Sales for You Romance Cynthia […]

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How to Lend Kindle Books

Can you lend ebooks like you often do with your paper books? How do you lend Kindle books? Is it possible? Yes! But there is a catch. The Catch Unless you have a Family Library set up on Amazon (which shares billing information), there’s a catch. Or two. First, the particular book must have lending […]


What is Kindle in Motion?

Recently, you may have heard about something called Kindle in Motion. What is Kindle in Motion? The short answer is it’s a type of ebook enhanced format available from Amazon. It’s actually not new. It was released in 2016 with very little to no announcements. It has recently become a little more visible thanks to […]


The New Kindle With a Built-in Light Releases Soon!

Next month, Amazon launches a new basic Kindle with a built-in light and is available to pre-order. It’s a good bit cheaper than a Kindle Paperwhite, so if you just can’t afford or justify the expense of a more high-end model of e-reader, but wanted a light, this release is for you! The Previous Kindle […]


Must Have Ereader Accessories

In a previous post, I expanded on the various and many Kindle cases available. These are the other must have ereader accessories you can purchase for your favorite electronic reader! If you can imagine it, you can probably find it. From reading lights to sleeves to microSD cards and screen protectors, there are a ton […]


Book Publishing Scams – The Downside to Amazon Publishing

If you have been hanging out on Twitter recently and follow the romance genre, you might have come across the #CopyPasteCris firestorm and its related fallout. Book publishing scams aren’t exactly a new phenomenon, but you always think of shady publishers scamming hopeful writers wanting to make a living doing what they love. Those are […]