Birthday and Books!

Purple Birthday Balloons

It’s my birthday! Woot woot! I don’t dare mention how old I am, but I thought I would celebrate my birthday with books! A birthday and books, what more could a girl ask for? Maybe some cheap books! Or a few fun deals running on Amazon for us bibliophiles.

E-book Sales for You


Cynthia Eden has a few amazing romantic suspense novels on sale right now.

Sherrilyn Kenyon has one of her more science fiction romances on sale, too!


Scott Hildreth has a 7-book series box set for a freaking steal! Super deal!

Kerrelyn Sparks has a couple of cool paranormal romances on sale too!


Urban Fantasy

Kalayna Price is an excellent writer who has a deal on one of her novels, the first in the series. If you haven’t yet started it, now is the time to pick it up!


Science Fiction

Ursula K. Le Guin has a deal on an entire series if you’re interested in classic science fiction.


Epic Fantasy

I don’t think I even need to introduce this book, but if you want to read the series the epic TV show is based on, the first book is on sale!

Devices – Wow!

The Kids Editions of the Fire Tablets are all on sale! (Check out my review of the Fire 7 tablet as the kids edition simple has a case and warranty, but it’s the same device.)


Free Trials Available

If you love free trials, Amazon has a ton. I’m only listing the reading related memberships, but there are a ton, no joke.


My Seriously Exciting Birthday Plans

I have the day off! Working with horses, there’s often no such thing as a day off, but I have one and I am probably more excited about sleeping in for once than any birthday party. I’m looking forward to a nice, relaxing and lazy day spent with the kitties and my Kindle.

I know, super boring, but I am so freaking excited to just be lazy for one day.

If I run across some other fun deals, I’ll update my post for y’all, but until next time, bibliophiles, tell me what book I should read while lazing around. What’s your favorite read for lazy days?


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16 thoughts on “Birthday and Books!”

  1. Chrissie Spurgeon

    You list loads of great-sounding books here, and I really must check them out. Many of those authors are new to me.

    At the moment, I am reading a great series by Diana Gabaldon, the Outlander series, which is a fascinating historical time slip book, and I really do recommend it. There are six bools in the series, all of quite a length, so they will keep me busy for quite a while!

    Happy Birthday!

    Thank you for your post

    Chrissie 🙂

    1. Thank you!!

      I have The Outlander on my TBR pile! I even bought the first book for $2 when the Kindle version was on sale. I really need to read it, but I’m kind of scared it’s more drama than romance, plus the whole thing about her being married in the future. I’m scared it’s going to be an emotional book that I need to be prepared for.

      Excellent suggestion though!!

  2. These books are all nice and I will love to read them one after another. I love reading books even when I am not lazing around. There is so much joy in reading books. I love reading romantic and motivational books. Though I read more of motivational books. If you care to read one, I will love you to read the book titled Goals by  by brain Tracy.

  3. Thanks for the beauty and gift of books on your birthday. The beauty of ebooks are that with a subscription you can carry around do much in portable devices. They are there to expand your scope of imagination, and take a peek into the mind of the writer. I am a Romantic and therefore relish romantic novels.  Happy Birthday from one bibliophile to another Age gracefully young one.

    1. I relish romance novels of ANY kind now. My reading tastes have evolved over the years, but I think I’ve finally settled into anything romantic works! Even urban fantasy if there’s a main couple. Thanks for the birthday wishes and happy reading! 

  4. Wow, I don’t now that this novels are still available that much on amazon. Yeah, these novels are really interesting and full of suspense. Am don’t really fancy reading romantic novel but my first girlfriend actually made me to, that’s how I started. I can say I had read almost this novels but the one that actually strick my attention most is the Game of thrones because I also love fantasy novels and GOT is one of my best out of the list for now. These books worth giving a girl on birthdays as it can really had values than edible gifts. I do love to give my spouse one of this novel on her birthday and see how much she will appreciate it. Thanks for sharing this wonderful novel list.

  5. Thee are lovely romance books to get as a gift. It has never occurred to me to get my fiancee à romantic novel book on her birthday. You really opened my eyes to another technique in celebrating my fiancee. I will get her one of these books for her next birthday like Die for me or fear fior me by Cynthia Eden.  Great job.

  6. Hi Selenity. Some years ago I lost interest in TV and got hooked on books. Right now I have Honor Thy Mother ( Sharon Faloon), Losing my Virginity ( autobiography of Richard Branson) and Becoming (Michelle Obama) waiting to be read. From your selections I have read Die for me (Eden) and I would like to read After Dark and The Gathering Dusk. I like that author. I read a variety of themes and enjoy just spending time reading. I have not read any science fiction but maybe one day soon. Thanks for your introductions.

    1. Science fiction can be fun if you enjoy things like the Terminator or I, Robot movies. That said, while I still enjoy a good movie now and again, I am with you on preferring a good book! Thanks for your comment! 

  7. Awesome! I’m a lifelong reader and as much as I love physical books, especially hardcovers, I’ve taken to reading e-books more than anything else now. What I don’t have, however, is a good reader. I’ve been using my android phone for this for a couple years now, which is convenient when I’m out and about. But I would like to get a nice e-reader that I could pack more books into without slowing down my phone. It would probably be better for my eyes, too. Great website! Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Thanks for your compliment! Ereaders are definitely easier on the eyes than a phone or tablet, as easy as a paper book if you don’t have the light on. Still easy on the eyes with the light, too. Plus no distracting notifications on your ereader! I totally adore mine. Thanks again for stopping by!

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