Empty Ereader? Kindle Ebook Deal (Jan. 22-28, 2019)

$5 Back

This is going to be a very short post, but I thought I would do a quick post for those people who are just starting to purchase ebooks for their new Kindle or Kindle app and would like an ebook cash back deal. If you need the app:

Kindle App

Between January 22-28, 2019, get $5 back when you purchase $20 in ebooks.

January 22-28, 2019 Deal

Great way to start out on ebooks, right?

If you’re interested, I’ll post a few of my favorites.

Love contemporary romance? I absolutely adore Kristen Ashley. This is the series the author recommends you start with. Ms. Ashley is an author that romance readers either love or hate. So don’t feel badly if you disagree with my opinion. The first series I’m recommending from her is lighthearted fun at times, but deals with love, family, friends, and especially the sisterhood we women belong to, plus some harder issues, but in a more fun way.

Interested in urban fantasy instead? This author is actually a husband and wife writing team. But I love anything they do. This is their most well-known and longest running series. The last book in the series was published late last year.

Paranormal romance fan? I love the New Zealand author, Nalini Singh. She has two great PNR series, but my favorite is the Guild Hunter series below, but don’t forget to check out her Psy-Changeling series.

Fantasy Lover? Or love the Game of Thrones TV show? Here’s the books that inspired the show!

Want to reread the Harry Potter series?

How about some classic Stephen King?

I really could go on, but I won’t. Just wanted to share the Amazon deal with y’all. Next post will be about various e-readers used to listen to audio books. It’s length will definitely make up for this super short post. It’ll probably be massive even.

Until then, tell me what books you purchased with the above deal by commenting below.


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6 thoughts on “Empty Ereader? Kindle Ebook Deal (Jan. 22-28, 2019)”

  1. I love reading, but find as I get older am finding less and less time for it. 

    The Ilona Andrews series looks like something that I would like to try. I haven’t heard of this husband and wife writing team and wonder why both the author’s names aren’t on the covers. I love tackling series, as there is always another story to keep you hooked. You say these are ‘Urban Fantasies?’ I haven’t heard this description before. How would you describe an Urban Fantasy?

    1. Hi!! Ilona Andrews is actually their penname, a combination of their real names. I do believe their real names are Ilona and Andrew Gordon. Seriously excellent.

      Urban fantasy is like fantasy novels set in cities. The main plot is usually several books long like epic fantasy novels, but instead of sword and sorcery and horseback riding, they are often in a more modern world. Still some excellent fun! The Kate Daniels series is finally complete with the release of the last book. It was a great ride and an awesome series.

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. I personally love my kindle E-Reader and dont know how I managed without it. I started reading the game of thrones series and got about 60% through the first  book when i needed a break. be aware that its pretty heavy reading but they are really great books.

    The Harry Potter series is something I read as successive novels and found this was light reading just before I went to sleep whereas GOT was so action packed and intense that I battles to sleep after. Either way, Kindle has the great feature to download a sample for free so I recommend that to check it out.


    1. Excellent advice! You can download (or listen) to a sample before you commit to buying. Thanks for visiting! 

  3. Oops! As valuable as this post is. I came across it too late for me to benefit in the eBook deal. Just like you, I’m an avid reader too who enjoys exploring the imaginary words painted by the writers. I’m a big time fan of thriller of any kind and my favorite writer is John Grisham. Though, I’ve read maybe one or two of Kristen Ashley’s too. I should also publish one of my stories soon

    thanks for the information though, I wished I got it earlier.

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