Must Have Ereader Accessories

Electronic Accessories In a previous post, I expanded on the various and many Kindle cases available. These are the other must have ereader accessories you can purchase for your favorite electronic reader! If you can imagine it, you can probably find it.

From reading lights to sleeves to microSD cards and screen protectors, there are a ton of options.

Do You Need Accessories?

Depending on your reading habits, you might not need accessories, exactly. Some are needs, some are useful, and some are pure indulgence or personalization.

If you have kids, pets, or you’re a klutz like me, you definitely want a cover and screen protectors. If you have mobility issues (or feel like being lazy, don’t worry, we all do it), a stand for reading your ereader in bed is quite nice.

If you read a lot of graphic novels or academic books, a microSD card might be useful for you.

If you like reading in bed, but opted for the basic ereader model without its own light, you might appreciate a book light. Or you need to replace your USB cord.

If you love audio books, you definitely want to invest in a set of Bluetooth earbuds or headphones so your kids don’t learn Mom likes sexy romance novels with those really good sex scenes where the hero drops the F-bomb repetitively and often. Don’t deny it. We all love those books. ๐Ÿ™‚

So many reasons and so many products available. I’m just going to list a few examples for each category. Feel free to search extensively for the perfect accessories that fits your needs.

Sleeves and Such

There are so many cases that can be classified as a carrying case or sleeve or cover that I unimaginatively named this section, Sleeves and Such. It can include a case or cover with pockets or a larger carrying case so you can cart around your charger and headphones. Anything of that nature.

I seriously like the look of this tablet organizer. It’s a Vera Bradley case, which also does ereader sleeves as well. I simply love the pockets on this particular one. You can also purchase a protection plan, if you so desire. Definitely check it out. If you try it, lemme know how you liked it.

This nifty TFY sleeve comes with a hand strap and a side pocket. Pretty freaking useful. It also fits quite a few models of ereader, supposedly.

If you’re looking for hand-crafted, they even have those! Crafted to order.

Bluetooth Headphones, Earbuds, Headsets – For Audio Book Lovers

Just in case, if you have never tried audio books, I highly recommend listening to at least one good one while you commute or workout, just to see. I am still much more excited to read than listen, but I am now a proud Audible subscriber. I only listen when I can’t read and it’s usually a favorite book or author I have read a ton of times. Listening gives me a new way to experience my favorites and I love it. I also use audio to listen to those classics we all say we’re going to read ‘someday’ yet never do.

Ahem, back to my original topic. Listening devices.

I much prefer a Bluetooth headset that has a neckband. It makes it easy to use when my phone is in my pocket or device is across the room when I need to pause.

This one by Osten Designs and I just like the color. It’s sweat resistant and you can answer phone calls with just the headset. I particularly like Headsets like these because if I’m listening, I’m usually moving and it prevents the cords from tangling when you pull the earbuds out of your ears. The earbuds are less likely to be lost too, like the expensive truly wireless ones.

Honestly, any Bluetooth headphones will work. Though I would avoid the super cheap Dollar General ones. They’re just bad quality, but will do in a pinch.

A Bluetooth speaker might be your preference at home. This one by OortZ is an example of the wide array of speakers you can find on Amazon. Honestly, you could build an entire blog around listening devices.

You can also get fancy with Amazon Alexa and the Echo smart speaker, if you so desire.

Screen Protectors

If you’re uber paranoid, a super klutz or just don’t like cases or covers for your device, you might consider getting a screen protector for your Kindle (or any other device.)

You can usually buy them in packs and they’re quite useful if you have kids or a dog. They still allow you to use the Touch-Screen, of course. Some are even a shatterproof glass.

Stands and Lights – Got to Read Everywhere!

If you have an older ereader model without a light or prefer reading without a light, but still want a lighting option, there are always ereader lights available like the iKross one pictured below that can be attached to any ereader brand. Most are LED lights nowadays, which means no need to replace the bulb!

If you’re looking for a lazy approach to reading your Kindle or watching movies on your Amazon Fire, get a stand! There are a million of types for any model, of course, too.

Power Adapters and Such

If your new kitten ate your charging cord or you just need a back up for your purse or ereader case, you can find those too!

The official power adapter for Kindle devices and Fire Tablets. You probably want to stick with the official ones for your brand.

They have 5ft cables! Crazy long! For whatever reason you want a cable that long, they have it.

Too Many Choices!

No matter what your ereader needs are, they probably have an accessory for it. Not even joking. Even if you never needed these things before and never considered them, they definitely come in handy. Or they make your device pretty. Which is equally important.

What is your favorite ereader accessory you use? Comment below!


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12 thoughts on “Must Have Ereader Accessories”

  1. I have been meaning to upgrade my headphones for some time and have looked at the blue tooth option but must admit thought that they would be easily lost.  I like the pink option you have recommended from Osten Designs.  I see they are very reasonable and having the neck strap will mean that I will be much less likely to loose them.  I can also use them when I go to the Gym so that’s a bonus as well.  I used to listen to just music at the gym but I find that a good story can be just as good – where do you listen to your stories?

    1. I myself don’t like how small the Bluetooth headphones or earbuds can be. I’m actually afraid my cat might eat one, though losing them in my pocket or purse is also a huge concern. The neckstrap headsets are definitely my favorite because it’s wired enough to keep track of the pieces, but in a way you can keep them from being tangled or something.

      So I work with horses, and I’m often walking them to cool down, and that is my usual listening time! That said, I also love listening when I’m cleaning or check email (the ones that don’t require replies or in-depth reading, like my new release newsletters and book sales!). I’ve also been known to keep cleaning just to prolong listening to a great book! 

      Thank you so much for your visit!

  2. I’ve been thinking about getting an e-reader for some time, but I hadn’t thought much about accessories. After reading through this, I’m starting to see that it’s a lot like getting a phone. I’ll definitely be needing a screen protector and a sleeve. Maybe even a light, since I might get a reader without one. Great article! It’s caused me to think about this a little more before just grabbing the first reader I come across. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you! And electronics nowadays love being fancied up. Although a case is definitely a must if you’re a klutz like me or have kids or pets, just to be safe. But I love having a pretty and unique looking e-reader myself.

      Glad I could help, and thanks for stopping by!

  3. Too many choices?  Is that even possible?  I have to admit to being a bit of an accessory nerd wh will happily send hours in our local electronics store just looking at all the accessories for products that I don’t even own.  I don’t even own an eReader but still devoured your post as if I did.

    There is just so much to buy these days that I guess it is hard to work out which is really nesessary and what is not.  My wfe buys them all and sometimes the really cheap ones work better than the expensive ones.  I guess the one thing that I do always want to ask ( and never ask store salesman as you never know what their agenda is)  – I do see a lot of accessories online and in $2 stores that are a lot cheaper than those in retail stores.  Are there any tips that we should be looking for apart from price to know if an accessory is worth either the price – or lack of?

    Thanks again for a great post


    1. Honestly, if it’s things like cases and covers any cheaper end products can be great. My first Kindle case was $6 and lasted years. But if you’re going for electronics, avoid the cheaper products. Mid-level and super expensive, there doesn’t seem to be a huge difference.

  4. HI, Selenity.  I remember my first reader.  My wife and I bought Nooks.  Of course, we had to get the covers too, although I don’t think we got screen protectors.  The only screen protecters I’ve ever used are for my cell phone, and I think they are a must for that.  The natural progression for us was to move up from readers to tablets.  We got the Apple 2 tablets, I think they were called.  Now we pretty much let the grandkids play with the tablets and use our iPhone pluses for reading etc.

    I agree that you need to accessorize your reader or tablet.  A case is a must, and why not get a nice one that you enjoy showing off?  Bluetooth earbuds are also almost a requirement.  You need to mask the outside noise and, as you said, everybody around you doesn’t need to know what you’re reading or listening to.  I use bluetooth earbuds with my cell phone, which is just a smaller sized reader, plus so much more.  Great post.


    1. I agree that screen protectors are definitely more of a necessity for phones as any good case will protect your reader.

      Tablets are excellent to read on, of course, but I find apps on the phone or tablets freezing too much for my liking. Plus it’s harder on my eyes and I like getting away from the notifications on my phone. I don’t think I could ever read a novel on my phone! But kids always kind of appropriate those devices, don’t they?

      Thanks for coming by!

  5. I absolutely love to read. When I received my first Kindle eReader as a gift…I wasn’t sure if I would like it. I always preferred reading the old-fashioned way…an actual book, not the electronic version. But, now…I fully enjoy my Kindle. I was aware of the many accessories that are available, but there is one I never thought of getting. Bluetooth earbuds. 

    I never thought of it. I only like to actually read it myself…,again my old-fashion style of reading comes back into play. But, your article has given me an idea as to what I may like…you had the pink ones pictured, but I don’t really think pink is my color…LOL! I think I may want blue or black instead.

    Again, the audio book idea is why I would consider the earbuds, thanks to your article prompting me to. Now, I may have to give it a try and I will let you know what I think of it. Thanks for giving me the suggestion…your article is changing the way I may read in the future. Although, when reading in bed at night, I won’t change my old-fashioned preference…

    Oh, by the way, my first Kindle was the standard 6 inch without the backlight…now I use the 10″ HD Kindle Tablet…with a cover. 

    1. My first ever e-reader was a basic 6″ Kindle without a light too! It really opened up my world, too. I was so set on paper books. Then I was set on reading not listening. I found I need to stop being so stubborn and try new stuff as I always enjoy them! I’m glad you’re enjoying reading on a tablet. My eyes bother me, which is why I prefer ereaders, but tablets are excellent. Thanks for stopping by! 

  6. Hi Selenity

    With my Kindle, I’m feel basic…a simple padded cover my sons got me for my birthday one year. I’ve had it for several years now, come to think about it.

    I think in only accessory I really need is a clip-on charging cord. ๐Ÿ™‚ I keep misplacing mine.

    The stand is a nice idea if I was writing something and the book I needed had the right references. But those are time I want a real book to flip through.

    Ooo…I do like the hand-strap cradle. Need to get one, I think.



    1. Thanks for coming by! I’m totally going to find a charging cord for people who lose them! I’ll let you know what I find! 

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