New Way to Manage My Kindle Books!

I am in-freaking-love with the new software update on the Kindle e-readers. I now have a new way to manage my Kindle books! In case you haven’t connected to WiFi with your Kindle lately, or haven’t had time to read, go take a look. You’ll notice something a little different.

Take your time. I’ll wait.

Did you find it? Want a hint? Check your sorting filters. See it yet?

You Can Now Sort Books by Read or Unread!!!

Kindle Filters

Hallelujah! This new way to sort (that Google Play Books has been doing for years) has been a LONG time coming. I actually cannot believe it took this freaking long. So far, it sorted books I’ve read since the update without having to mark it as read. But previous books I did. Maybe it’s taking awhile to go through my library.

You can manually mark books as read or unread, which is excellent because we all know operating systems aren’t always capable of getting it right.

If you previously decided not to purchase a Kindle because of the organization, now might be a good idea to check out my post about the Kindle e-readers currently available.

Affected Devices

I’m uncertain how many generations of Kindle devices are included in this update, so if you have any older Kindle, I’m very interested to know if your device updated like my new Kindle Paperwhite did.

Short and Sweet

I felt like sharing the good news as this will help tremendously in the future. I’ll be messing around with the feature more and updating this post as needed. I feel a major reorganization coming on. Plus a few posts need updated! Stay tuned!

How are you enjoying the new Kindle update? Please let me know below!


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6 thoughts on “New Way to Manage My Kindle Books!”

  1. Hi Selenity,

    The more of your articles I read about Kindle, the more I think I need to purchase one! I share your enthusiasm. A great software update to help keep you organized.

    When I get a chance, I will definitely read your article again on the Kindle e-readers that are currently available.

    1. Aw, thank you! I’m freaking stoked about organizing for read and unread. So much easier. Thanks for visiting! 

  2. Thank you for bringing to light this very important feature! Very well-written post. This is definitely a helpful feature being able to sort read and unread books. Sounds simple but nevertheless a very useful tool. What are some of your favorite e-books? Do you prefer e-book or paperback? I will be sure to apply this knowledge the next time I am running this software. Thank you!

    1. Thank you! I have too many books to list as a favorite! I also prefer digital to paperback nowadays. Thanks so much!

  3. My wife reads a bunch of eBooks and actually uses a kindle to read them… this was one of her frustrations with the kindle because she wasn’t able to keep track of the ones she’s read compared to the one she hasn’t.

    Idk why it took so long for Amazon to introduce a feature such as this one but in my opinion it should have been added years ago because it’s such an important one.

    I haven’t bought a kindle for myself for this reason, but now I might consider it now that this feature has been finally added!

    1. Your wife is absolutely right! The only drawback was that it lacked that one little thing. Crazy how long it took. Thanks for visiting!

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