Onyx Boox – Based in China, Sold Worldwide

What the freaking heck is Onyx Boox? I know I was asking that very thing just a few short months ago. I had never heard of it despite having owned an ereader for years. Onyx Boox or BOOX is a Chinese ereader brand. Like most ebook readers, it uses electronic paper technology. That’s the E-Ink […]


Valentine’s Day Gifts for Book Lovers – On Sale Too!

Looking for some good Valentine’s Day gifts for the book lovers in your life? Or perhaps you want an excuse to treat yourself? I did a quick glance around and thought I would share the deals I found. Only if you’re interested, of course. You are, aren’t you? A way to spoil that special bookworm […]

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Kindle Covers and Cases – Oh My!

I’m going to be up front here. There are six bazillion types of Kindle covers and cases on the market right now. Okay, this might be a slight exaggeration. But even the new models of Kindle have a freaking ton. From hand-crafted to mass-produced cheap generic covers. I’m going to provide you all with a […]


How I Manage My Kindle Books (You Can Too)

I was recently asked how I manage my Kindle books, especially as a self admitted freebie junkie like me. This means that I literally have over 20,000 ebooks in my library purchased at Amazon (free or on sale, usually). This doesn’t include the freebie book files I have gotten from BookFunnel or Prolific Works (formally […]

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Fire 7 Tablet Review – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Product: Fire 7 Tablet Price: Amazon Colors: Black, Canary Yellow, Marine Blue, Punch Red Screen: 7″ Storage: 8G or 16G Battery: Up to 8 hours Other: With or Without Special Offers, microSD slot, Alexa, rear and front cameras Warranty: 90 Day Limited or purchase a 1, 2 or 3 year warranty Rating: 5/10 First Impression […]

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Empty Ereader? Kindle Ebook Deal (Jan. 22-28, 2019)

This is going to be a very short post, but I thought I would do a quick post for those people who are just starting to purchase ebooks for their new Kindle or Kindle app and would like an ebook cash back deal. If you need the app: Kindle App Between January 22-28, 2019, get […]

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The New Kindle Paperwhite Review – Worth the Upgrade?

If you’ve been following my modest little blog here, you may have seen me mention buying a new Paperwhite. So welcome to the new Kindle Paperwhite Review. I actually traded my old Paperwhite in to get a huge discount, so I HIGHLY recommend trading in your old device if you’re looking to upgrade. Check it […]

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Compare the Kobo Ereaders – What’s Kobo?

In previous posts, I discussed the two most well-known ereader brands on the market today: Kindle and Nook. Today, we’re going to compare the Kobo ereaders. What the heck is Kobo, you might be wondering. The brand is actually fairly distinguished, you just might not realize it. Kobo is a brand under which Rokuten sells […]


Ereader Benefits – You Don’t Have to Give Up Paper

  Are you a loyal paper book reader or collector? (cough hoarder) Are you wondering what possible ereader benefits could make it worth it? I briefly touched on this in Free Reading Apps, but in this post, I’m going to list more than the zillion sales and freebies you can find every day! Instead, I […]


Why I Don’t Write Ereader Reviews (Spot a Fake Review)

  I thought I would make a quick little post about why I don’t write ereader reviews about all the products I’m discussing throughout my website. What are Product Reviews? On the off chance you don’t know, product reviews are, in theory, the honest opinions of a consumer or customer or anyone who has used […]