You Want to Buy a Nook Ereader? [Updated]

Want to buy a Nook ereader? You’ve come to the right place.

In general, the Nook only has one ereader and forty different tablets. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a tad. They have TWO ereaders and FOUR tablets on the market. Crazy, right?

The Ereaders: Nook Glowlight 3 and the All-New Nook Glowlight Plus

The Nook Glowlight 3 is designed like a lot of current ereaders. 6”, glare-free screen, soft light for bedtime reading, compact distraction-free device, page turn buttons, holds thousands of books, and a night reading mode. You can even create a profile for each family member. Excellent right?

The advantages of a Nook reader seem to be the existence of the Barnes and Noble stores. You get access to free WiFi at BN stores. Nook support at BN stores. And you can read Nook books free at BN stores!

So if you like to haunt BN couches, you might want to consider this digital reader.

You can find all the technical stuff and purchase it here – Nook Glowlight 3

The Nook Glowlight Plus, which released just this year on May 27, 2019, is a 7.8″ ereader!  The largest Nook released yet! It’s waterproof, has physical page turn buttons, and comes with 8G of storage. It seems to be a nice upgrade if you’re an avid Barnes and Noble fan.

The Glowlight Plus also claims to have audio capabilities, but you can only listen to select Barnes and Noble podcasts, so it’s seriously limited.

Want to Buy a Nook

That said, at the time of this post, it was sold out online!  Apparently, they didn’t anticipate how much of a demand there would be for this product.

Nook Tablet – Inexpensive and Basic

The Nook Tablet is a 7” tablet with 16G of storage, though you can add up to 128G more with a microSD card.

Because this is a tablet, you can browse the Internet as well as read books which is pretty nifty. And because this is a Nook, you get free WiFi, free Nook reading, and free support at BN stores.

Fair warning, just like the Fire 7 tablet, this is a very inexpensive tablet. But if you aren’t looking for a beast for a tablet, this is an excellent choice for the price.

Get the technical jargon and price – Nook Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab A Nook – More Powerful, No Storage

To put it simply, this is the more powerful version of the 7” Nook Tablet. I only has 8G of storage unless you add an optional microSD card, of course. Just like the previous tablet you can browse the Internet and check email from anywhere.

It also comes with all the same perks that owning a Nook grants you. Free WiFi, free Nook books, and free support at Barnes and Noble stores.

Check out prices – Samsung Galaxy Tab A Nook

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Nook – Reasonably Priced Uber Tablet

If you’re looking for a larger screen, the Tab E Nook has a great big one at 9.6”. It also has the usual Internet browsing capabilities. At 16G of storage isn’t too shabby either. Especially if you add a microSD card.

This Nook Tablet is also loaded with Microsoft Office applications

I feel like I’m repeating myself here, but you get all those fun perks of being at a BN store with your Nook. Enjoy the coffee and free WiFi and Nook Books. Or you need to troubleshoot your Nook? Free support at BN stores too.

It’s also more reasonably priced than the S2.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Nook

Nook Tablet 10.1 – Bigger and Cheaper

The Nook Tablet 10.1 is a bit larger and has a bit more space than the Nook Tablet 7. Which basically describes the whole tablet. It’s also more reasonably priced than the Samsung Nooks.

The screen is 10.1”. You will have 32G of storage. Surf the Internet or read books, whichever. This Tablet does have a port where you can hook up a little travel keyboard case if you want.

Just like every other Nook that I listed, you can enjoy free WiFi, Nook books and device support at your favorite BN store near you.

Check out the new Nook Tablet 10.1.

To Nook or Not to Nook?

Honestly, if you love going to your local Barnes and Noble store, it’s definitely worth considering. BN definitely isn’t sloppy seconds even if Amazon’s digital books take the lead. It’s up to your personal tastes.

If you want to share your experience with a Nook (or any other ereader brand), feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email at




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12 thoughts on “You Want to Buy a Nook Ereader? [Updated]”

  1. Great post. I really like the use of your practical, down to earth language used in the whole post, especially in the beginning of the post. Excellent post and very good use of pictures.

  2. Todd Matthews

    I liked reading about the Glowlight. Sooner or later, I’ll have to invest in an ereader, and I’ve heard things that are both good and bad about the Kindle, so maybe Nook’s ereaders are the way to go. I love the features here and there seems to be little error with each and a lot of pros. I don’t know so much about Nook as much as I do Amazon and Kobo, however, but I will say that your review matches many that I’ve read about in the past, nothing but primarily good things. 

    1. Thanks so much!  Like most products, there are pros and cons to each.  It just depends on what your particular needs and wants are.

  3. Lonnie Webster

    Thank you, I appreciated how you presented an assortment of Ereaders with different size screens and space for people with varying needs. I had no idea that you could install thousands of books on these devices. 

    You also detailed the benefits, such as no glare screens. You also reasoned with your viewers on Amazon or Barnes and Nobles and left the choice up to them.

    Thank you again

    David W

  4. Very well written. I have to say I love my e-reader although I still also love the feel of a classic paper book. But those are only for home use these days, while traveling or commuting I use my e-reader just because it’s so handy. I use a Kobo brand one though, pretty popular over here in Europe. Any experience with those and how they measure up to Kindle or Nook?

  5. I am new to the e-reader world. I decided to buy one because I want to read more.

    So, I do not really know what to look for in an e-reader. But I need one which will fit my actual reading conditions. I am moving outside the city, I may not be having energy supply daily or internet connection. Does the Nook e-reader have a good battery? I see the storage is quite good, up to 128G with a MicroSD card.


    1. Hi!

      Yes, the Nook (and other e-readers) have a very long battery life if you use it for reading moderately.  A single charge could last weeks if you only read a half hour a day or so.  If you read a lot longer, it’ll require charging more often, but unless you read 16 hour days, it won’t need charging daily.  I hope that helps!

  6. Hi, Selenity.

    Thanks for the detailed information on Nook Ereaders. 

    Glowlight Plus model seems to be more useful as I am a night owl and go to the bed with my books. This version is going to hit my requirement of comfort.

    Please confirm how the Nook E-reader is used on Samsung Galaxy Tab – there it works as an App or some other mode.

    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. The Samsung Nook tablets have the Nook reading app already installed on the devices, but yes, the tablets use the reading app and aren’t actual e-readers, exactly.  Similar to the Amazon Fire Tablets, they’re sold as Nook devices, but they do more than just read.

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