New Kindle Paperwhite Review (Worth It?)

My New Kindle Paperwhite

If you’ve been following my modest little blog here, you may have seen me mention buying a new Paperwhite. So welcome to the new Kindle Paperwhite Review.

I actually traded my old Paperwhite in to get a huge discount, so I HIGHLY recommend trading in your old device if you’re looking to upgrade. Check it out:

Amazon Trade-in

This is my actual Kindle Paperwhite on my actual afghan that my mother sent me before Christmas in the picture. A photographer, I am not.

The New Kindle Paperwhite Overview

Product: Kindle Paperwhite (10th Generation)

Price: Varies, Check Amazon

Features: 6″ glare-free screen with light, waterproof, 8G-32G of storage, with or without special offers (ads), WiFi or WiFi+cellular connectivity, and Bluetooth capability for Audible books.

Warranty: Yes, limited.

Rating: 9/10

My First Impressions?

This is a tiny bit smaller and lighter than the previous Paperwhite and looks sleeker. Amazon software on the Kindle is identical to previous generations, except for the new audiobooks feature available on your Kindle. It works exactly the same as documents or books you have stored on your cloud. If you’re familiar with any previous Kindle OS, you will have no problems.

You can download all your previously made collections to your new device, but audiobooks aren’t able to be added it seems. If you own both the audio and Kindle version of a book, it only displays the format you last used, but it’s very simple to switch.

If you own the audio version of the Kindle book, it will display a headphone icon. Click the three dots to the right of the book and choose to play Audible. It will let you know if you don’t have a Bluetooth device connected.

One thing I have noticed that is different from the previous Kindle Paperwhite is when you turn it on, it’s a bit slower because it’s ‘waking up’. I actually like that they are putting my device to sleep when I am not using it, instead of just turning off the screen. But this might bother people.

If it bothers you, you can turn this feature off in the settings!

Kindle Menu

Pros – What I’m Loving

  • Waterproof
  • Same Kindle OS we know
  • Clear, paper-like screen.
  • Adjustable lighting
  • Sleek design
  • 2x (or 4x) more storage than the previous generation.
  • Your device goes to sleep when not in use
  • 1-year limited warranty, although you can choose to buy 1, 2 or 3 years extended warranty.
  • A HUGE bonus is I no longer have this bug where books disappeared and left blank spots when I organized by title.
  • With special offers means affordable pricing, if book ads don’t bother you.
  • You can use cellular connectivity too if you choose that option.

Cons – Nothing is Perfect, Right?

  • Same Kindle OS and organization. While, I personally, like it, some people don’t and I’ve been asked if Amazon’s organization inside the Kindle has changed. Nope, just includes Audible books now.
  • Takes a moment to wake up your device.
  • Without special offers makes for a bit of a price increase

Audible IconIs It Worth It?

Yes! This is the same Kindle experience I love in a better device, if I had to summarize this in a few words. If you’ve never liked Kindles, you won’t like this one. But if you love your old Paperwhite (or old basic Kindle), it’s definitely worth trading up for waterproofing and audiobooks.

If money is limited for you, choose with special offers and WiFi only, with 4G of space. It’s plenty for everyday needs. The ads are not intrusive and always book related. If you want tons of storage for comics, no ads, and cellular connectivity, then you will be paying more. I still think it’s worth it!

If you want it with a new case, check out the Kindle Paperwhite Bundle.

If this Kindle is not the device for you, the other Kindle devices available might be a better option.

Share your opinion of the new Kindle Paperwhite you purchased by leaving me a comment below!


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4 thoughts on “New Kindle Paperwhite Review (Worth It?)”

  1. Great review, thank you for that. I really like how it is waterproof so that you can read it out by the pool and not have to worry too much. I also think its great that the screen is paper-like and the lighting is adjustable so that it doesn’t hurt your eyes. I will definitely have to check out the kindle paperwhite!

  2. Really??? I got mine 5 days ago (“upgraded” after having finally broken my Kindle Keyboard) and I have had NOTHING but aggravation since (though I did take time to read one book and that was an OK experience). I’m finding it extemely difficult to download the 900+ books I had before. (Sure, I’m willing to keep a few exclusively on the cloud because I don’t care too much about them but I see NO reason to rely on Amazon otherwise. OK for backup but terrible & poorly functional site to use)
    Most recently, I’ve discovered that if I try to download multiple books, it seems to stop until I have the Paperwhite in an “awake” state. But then, I can’t actually do anything else and it will just go back to sleep and the download stops.
    I’m seriously considering returning this thing. Only really good feature I can see is the display is crisp and the light is handy– even impressive when moving to different conditions.
    I’ve alread discovered that the process of changing to an different old Keyboard model is days more quickly done. There must be something else that would make this thing worth it, but what?

    1. Hi! It’s not always fun changing a device from an old favorite to a new model. I was lucky and had the previous model before upgrading, so the changes weren’t significant for me.

      The new Kindle Paperwhite might need to complete updates that have been released for their operating system since the release of your device. I also suggest doing a hard restart on your device after you make those updates. I’ve noticed that restarting the device almost always fixes any problem.

      As for downloading while asleep, this was done to help save battery life when not in use. I do believe you can change it to only sleep, not get turned OFF when you close it. I also find my books will download easier when it’s charging, no need to keep it on.

      A big huge bonus I really love about my Kindle is you have audiobooks AND can mark books as read or unread, etc.

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