The New Kindle With a Built-in Light Releases Soon!

Next month, Amazon launches a new basic Kindle with a built-in light and is available to pre-order. It’s a good bit cheaper than a Kindle Paperwhite, so if you just can’t afford or justify the expense of a more high-end model of e-reader, but wanted a light, this release is for you!

The Previous Kindle

The previous generations of the basic Kindle (8th), was a 6″ E-INK screen, WiFi and Bluetooth accessible, with 4G of storage. It also came in black or white. All ereaders are excellent at conserving battery. It’s also awesome to have distraction-free reading unlike notifications on your tablet.

It did not have a light, but for most reading purposes, and if you’re on a budget, it was an excellent basic model.

The New Kindle (10th Generation)

The new one comes in black or white, is a 6″ glare free E-INK screen, 4G of storage, WiFi and Bluetooth accessible, PLUS an adjustable front light.

It’s basically the same Kindle as before, with a light and one HUGE advantage. Apparently, you’ll be able to organize by read or not read books. Pretty freaking great. About time!

Release Date

This snazzy new and affordable e-reader is available April 10, 2019, for the introductory offer of $89.99, though that price is often subject to change at Amazon’s whim.

The Bonuses

As an added promotional offer, Amazon is offering Kindle Unlimited free for 3 months to whoever buys a new Kindle. Which is pretty snazzy.

You can also get the new Kindle bundled with a power adapter, Kindle case, and an extended warranty if you’re interested.

If you trade in your old device, you can get quite a bit of change knocked off the new model.

As all Kindle devices support Audible books now, it might be time to sign up for the Romance Package free trial at Amazon as well. It’s like Kindle Unlimited for Audible books!

Is it Worth Upgrading?

For those of you who are new to ereaders and ebooks, and you like the convenience of a light, your choices now include a cheaper model. If you already have a basic Kindle from the 2016 release, I don’t think much will change, except for the lighting option and a slightly better OS. But if you have a very old basic Kindle, it just might be time for a change! The operating system does get better each generation, so it just depends on if you’d notice that. 🙂

I personally prefer the Paperwhite, so I would love to hear from you all how you like the new Kindle after April! Just tell me by leaving a comment. I read and respond to each one!


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10 thoughts on “The New Kindle With a Built-in Light Releases Soon!”

  1. Hi Selenity. Thanks to you for writing this informative post about the new kindle. I don’t really do ebooks much but my sister do, she is an avid reader too, that makes her the top reader in my family. I’m definitely going to get her one of these on her upcoming birthday. I’ll be looking forward to new posts from you. Thanks 

  2. This is awesome! My Kindle is very old–perhaps from 2010? It’s even difficult to get new books on there now. I’ve considered the paper white but haven’t taken the plunge yet. This new release with the light interests me, too. The only concern I have is eye strain–do you know which might be better for your eyes? I wonder if with looking at phones/computers all day, the paper white would be easier on my eyes, but I’m not sure!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! Added bonus if you decide to get a new Kindle of any model is you can trade in your old one for money off your new purchase. I did that this January and upgraded to the new Paperwhite. Total, I saved $52! Yowsa! 

      Kindles are all much better for eyestrain than a phone or tablet or computer. The previous model of Paperwhite had special front lighting to make it especially easy on the eyes, but they don’t mention that feature for the new Paperwhite. BUT the lighting is adjustable so you can turn it down a bit or all the way, depending on your comfort level. I myself am partial to the Paperwhite, but most of that was because of the lighting and eyestrain issue. Now the regular Kindle has both, but just not as much storage now and a few more increases like a tad more lighting that I probably wouldn’t notice the basic one lacks. I personally like the extra storage, and loved my previous Paperwhite. 

      If you don’t care about a tiny bit of tech improvement, have basic reading needs, and price is a concern, I definitely recommend the regular Kindle. The storage really only matters if you are reading things like graphic novels or like keeping a ton of books downloaded or use the Kindle for audiobooks too. Though all Kindles have Bluetooth for Audible books now, they do take up some space!

      Hope that helps!

  3. Hello, I would like to commend you for this post because it’s so timely. I just might have come across this just when I needed something like this the most. For me , I am quite new to e-readers and e-books as I have always preferred my hard copy over electronic or soft copy but recently I most have my spare time at night and I need a device I can use to read because I usually fall asleep when I read my hard copy books at night. This is so timely and I will include it in my budget

    1. Thank you! I used to prefer paper over digital books too, until traveling for work had me picking up my first Kindle. Ereaders opened up a whole new world of books too, because it’s so easy to try new independent published books when the price of their paperbacks (which are printed on demand and not mass market sized) are often pricy! I hope you come to love the convience of digital reading as much as I did! 

  4. That’s a very thoughtful upgrade, my love for reading will never die especially when it’s being made easier nowadays. I will have to order one for myself and my Dad for his birthday, he loves reading especially with gadgets. Thanks for putting up this it saves us the stress of complains of light, the adjustable light is great.

  5. Julia Kossowska


    I love this!  A proper kindle but with a light!

    I have a rather old kindle – I’m hoping that I will be able to trade that in.  I’m in the UK so I suspect I might have to wait a bit to see if it is available here with the same bonuses.

    I’m also interested in the 3 months Unlimited kindle offer – I suspect once I am in I will have to keep it to keep the books but 3 months free would be a nice sweetener.  I already have the audible package and I love that. I am careful to only buy books with the credits that are more expensive than the credits which means I am quids in!

    Great article – thank you,


    1. Hi, thank you so much! I do believe that you could trade it in, but I am uncertain about the release dates in different countries, hopefully it’s the same!

      Kindle Unlimited is awesome if you’re a prolific reader! Plus it works with Audible books. Just borrow the Kindle title and boom, magically both are available on your Kindle. Sweet. Thanks again!

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