What’s the Best Gift for Mother’s Day? An E-reader, Of Course!

It’s May, bibliophiles! You have probably been wracking your brain trying to figure out what’s the best gift for Mother’s Day for the mothers in your life. You’re probably also trying not to break the bank while you do it. Stressing because it’s just around the corner?

Don’t worry! I’ve found some awesome Mother’s Day specials any woman would love, especially the hard-working moms in your life. Though the new Aquaman movie with the gorgeous Jason Momoa would definitely be appreciated by quite a lot of women, like me. But if you think your mom or wife or sister deserves much more than eye candy, then you’ll definitely appreciate this list.


The Kindle E-readers is On Sale for Mother’s Day

Are the mothers in your life readers? Have they mentioned wanting an e-reader but keep putting it off? Now is the time to buy! The brand new Kindle model released this year is $20 off! It also comes with 3 months of Kindle Unlimited for FREE! If you choose that option. It also has a built-in light for reading in poor light. Definitely check it out.

Does your wife or mother enjoy reading in the tub? Perhaps takes long, leisurely bubble baths reading her favorite romance or mysteries? Then you definitely want the all-new Kindle Paperwhite, which is on sale for $40 off! This is the lowest price it’s ever been and it comes with 3 months of Kindle Unlimited for free as well. You can also choose to increase storage from 8G to 32G for a bit more. Unless you’re purchasing this amazing e-reader for an audiobook listening reader though, 8G is plenty, in my opinion. Read my Kindle Paperwhite Review for full details on why I love this model.

All Fire Tablets are on sale for Mother’s Day! Save anywhere from $10-$30 on the model of your choice. I personally don’t recommend the Fire 7 Tablet, which is $10 off, and you’re welcome to read my review to find out why, but the other two models are much better.

Does your wife or mother or sister already have an e-reader? Then… Here are the rest of the devices on sale for Mother’s Day!

Other Devices on Sale!

Walmart/Kobo is running a sale on the Kobo Aura for under $80. It’s on clearance right now. Sadly, not many other e-reader sales are running for Mother’s Day. But as a dedicated Kindle user, the two on sale are excellent!


Flowers for Mom

Remember the Flowers and Gift Cards!

No e-reader gift is complete without an e-book gift card! It doesn’t have to be much, but you want that special mother in your life to be able to read right away.

Flowers will really show how much she means to you. Take it from a woman: she’ll love it!

How will you show your appreciation this Mother’s Day? Let me know by commenting below.


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10 thoughts on “What’s the Best Gift for Mother’s Day? An E-reader, Of Course!”

  1. Being a mom I wouldn’t mind getting an eReader. I read a lot of Kindle books as I have the Kindle on my PC. They would be so handy to have an eReader that I can take along with me wherever I want.

    Plus getting Kindle books for three months free, wow, that would be a lot of reading for me.

    Of course, flowers and chocolates are the norm, but I will gently send this link to my children in the hopes that they understand that this is what I want.

    1. I hope your hinting nets you exactly what you want!  Sometimes kids need some nudging. Thanks for visiting!

  2. akshaysaxena

    Awesome article, Selenity. You have just disclosed an amazing deal. You might be surprised to know that my mom likes Audible but my grandmother loves Kindle. So I think it would be the perfect gift for my grandmother.

    I can see that you have written other useful articles, internally linked in this article. I’ll surely take time to go through those, as well. As of now, the Kindle product suggested by you is on my top list. It seems like a cost-effective gift, to give my grandmother. BTW, does it supports Audible well?

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful post. 

    1. Hi! You’ll be happy to know that all Kindles support Audible books if you have a Bluetooth enabled device, such as earphones or speakers. Thanks for visiting! 

  3. An e-book reader is an excellent choice for mother’s day but some people may not want to invest that much in a mother’s day present. Are there more simple devices that can be used as an e-reader that are less expensive? Do you think that the kindle e readers you have suggested are a good value?

    1. People can always use their phone with the free reading apps I detailed here. The cheapest device to buy would be a Fire 7 tablet which isn’t an ereader, though you can use the same free apps on it. My review on the Amazon Fire 7 Tablet explains why I don’t recommend it, though. It’s currently $10 off for a total of $40 (as of April 09, 2019) and regularly it’s around $50. But you get what you pay for. It’s excellent if you do nothing but read on the Kindle app, but it’s definitely a cheap end model that will have someone picking up their phones for other stuff. Your phone probably has more storage too! 

      My suggestion for someone who has a smaller budget is refurbished models of previous models, if you can. The brand new basic Kindle that was just released is around $70 while on sale right now, and it’s the cheapest new model of any e-reader.

      Hope that helps!

  4. When I read your title, I knew this had to be the best answer to the question. I was looking at a couple of technological devices for my mother, and an E-reader was the 1 out of 3 on my shortlist. The fact that you can get 3 months of free Kindle says a lot about the stretch and value an E-reader has to offer anyone and everyone. I appreciate that you went into explaining how the Fire 7 tablet is not one to get and that there are 2 better options here on the table.  How can I forget the flowers and gift cards? 🙂 That’s a must right? That’s my go to usually most mother days, but this time, I’m hoping to go the extra mile and make it a better one. I’ve bookmarked your page, and I’ll be looking through even more of your devices on sale. Thank you for sharing a great post and a reminder for us.

    1. Thanks so much for your visit and I’m sure your mother will appreciate whatever you decide to give her this year! Good luck! 

  5. I think any Mother would love to get a Kindle Fire.
    I know because I would love to get one.
    That would be an awesome gift for a mom that loves to read.
    A tablet would be a great gift as well.
    And if she loves to be read to then the ereader would be a good gift for her as well
    These gifts will be great for Moms out there.

    1. I think any mother would enjoy any of these models, except the Fire 7. But the Fire 8 and Fire 10 are pretty good. Thanks for stopping by!

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